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A debate is raging on the blogosphere today about Xsigo’s Virtual I/O Technology vs FCoE, with some aruging that Xsigo’s virtualized I/O technology (  leveraging Infiniband Fabric today) will  eventually  be obsolete since DCE/CEE/DCB and FCoE will eventually standardize and will eventually be ubquitious.

The great thing about Xsigo is you don’t have to wait for “eventually” to realize all the benefits of virtualized I/O. Why wait to eventually reduce capital expenditures and increase efficiency when Xsigo Virtualized I/O offers those benefits today.

Note Xsigo’s Virtual I/O technology is fabric agnostic and abstracted away. Xsigo could leverage DCE/CEE/DCB  and maintain all the same Xsigo benefits like swapping I/O personalities, dynamically provisioning I/O on the fly, and dynamically changing I/O resource QoS.

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