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A popular use case for VDI is for student labs, call centers, or kiosk type computers where the user does not need to have any of their desktop modifications saved, termed “non-persistent”.

Unidesk offers a perfect solution where the computer is put in its “pristine” state simply by tossing the users personalization layer that Unidesk would otherwise version and store. Below are the steps to use non-persistent desktops with Unidesk 1.2 and Pano Logic Broker and Zero-Client.

Step 1. Tweak the gold image

Before importing your gold image to be used for non-persistent, tweak the following registry key
and change the value of DisablePasswordChange to 1

See the Unidesk KB article on this topic for more information.

Import the gold image as you would normally in Unidesk.

Step 2. Create a non-persistent desktop in Unidesk

In Unidesk just check “non-persistent” while creating the desktop:
unidesk nonpersistent

unidesk nonpersistent

Step 3. Create a Pano Pool and Assign the Desktops to It

Unidesk 1.2 relies on the broker to power on the non-persistent desktop after the user logs off and the desktop is powered off. After creating a set of non-persistent desktops in Unidesk, just assign those desktops to a Pano pool.
Pano Non-Persistent

Pano Non-Persistent

Pano will power back on the non-persistent desktop after the user logs off.

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